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These chemicals not only allow this oil to exhibit powerful therapeutic properties such as peppermint, hypotensive, tonic, astringent, anti inflammatory, anti-infection, sedative, carminative, vulnerary, antispasmodic, and antidepressant properties but also makes it a powerful, potent remedy for termite treatment by imparting its insecticidal properties. Why it Works As we know the oil of litsea cubeba is made up of compounds that are citral geraniol and neral that empower it to exhibit properties.



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In an experiment to set up the insecticidal properties of 2 6 essential oils, it was suggested that litsea cubeba essential oil (derived from the steam distillation of the fruits acquired from the corresponding plant) exhibited strong action against the insect pests such as termites (5 2, 5 3).How to Employ Litsea Cubeba Oil is among the amazing remedies to get rid of termites.

Now, use a paintbrush to apply this on the area. As an alternative, you might even prepare a termite-repellant litsea cubeba oil spray. Transfer 10 drops of litsea cubeba essential oil/ carrier oil mix at a cup of lukewarm water. Pour this into the spray bottle and shake to mix the ingredients.



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Ensure to shake it well while utilizing and keep it at a safe distance from the eyes and nose as it will irritate the mucous membrane.1 5. Carum Carvi Essential Oil Carum Carvi is just another title for Caraway, which can be widely applied as a cure for a wide array of ailments.



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Carum Carvi plant is indigenous to the regions of West Asia along with central and north Europe. This herb's essential oil is obtained by the steam distillation of dried ripe seeds also has been a combination of compounds including Acetaldehyde aldehyde, furfural, carvone, and limonene. This oil finds its mention in medicine system for a remedy for diverse health associated issues.

This is principally because of the existence of compounds such as D-limonene and (R)-Carvone (5 6). This is the reason that on applying independently along with the 2 6 essential oils, the Carum Carvi essential oil shown strong action against the Japanese termites (5 7). The test also confirmed that you can deliberately use Carum Carvi Essential oil for a fumigant to achieve results for the termite infested places.

It's possible to just combine the soil to repel the termites out of the previous garden and guard the trees in addition to other wooden objects and the seeds as well as some Carum Carvi oil. Alternatively, you can mix a few drops of Carum Carvi oil that is essential in some water.



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Once ready, spray the insecticide hence ready into the termite-infested area for successful results.1 6. Cedarwood you could look here Essential Oil Cedar Oil can be counted as another miracle essential oil which provides a sigh of relief to the people who've been affected sleepless nights due to termite infestation and acts as a complete DIY termite treatment (5 8).

It's majorly composed of substances like a combo of sesquiterpenes, and alpha-cedrene, beta-cedrene, cedrol thujopsene. These chemicals help the cedarwood oil ensure its use as an effective medicine and exhibit strong curative properties. Why it Works An experiment ran to find the anti-termite effectiveness of several vital oils establishes that cedarwood oil among other essential oils can be used to kill the termites and illustrates that a hundred per cent mortality when implemented (5 9).

On being subjected to the cedarwood oil, the termites are attracted to the pleasant odor that overwhelms the breathing procedure and also activates suicidal tendencies. It induces their spiracles or the breathing pores to block interfering with the breathing. This induces the termites to die. Cedarwood oil causes the eggs and larvae to dissolve thus limiting their population.

How to Apply You are able to harness cedarwood oil's anti-termite benefits coating the wooden objects with it. Be sure that you pay attention to the objects' cracks and ends. You may also spray some amount of the cedarwood oil onto the mandatory regions to discourage the termites.1 7. Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil or Camphor Oil Known with numerous names such as blue gum , or blue gum, Eucalyptus Globulus is an evergreen shrub indigenous to Australia.



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The essential oil of try this Eucalyptus Globulus is expressed from the leaves of the tree and appreciates a time-tested standing because of its immunity boosting capabilities. This oil is chiefly extracted for its therapeutic properties and is composed mainly of the compounds such as Eucalyptol (or 1, 8-cineole) which makes up its 70-90 percent part.

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